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Next, you will see the entire assortment of plates that we offer, all have the chain included.

They are models chosen and created with great care by us with our clients in mind.

All the plates have a space studied by us to be able to personalize with the text that you deem appropriate, in this case, the text you want is free.

Or space for your favorite images, in this case it has an extra price.

The other day, some girls came who were staying in a vacation hotel and had a friend who had been for years, they wanted to make a gift for her birthday and we advised them to make her a mug with a birthday card, designed by us and we made them buy some candies to put inside and we wrapped it with a very nice wrapping paper.

2020-10-27 09:00:29

Today a boy came to me who wanted to give him a gift for his girlfriend to show her his infinite love. I have advised her to take a rigid forget-me-not with the shape of a heart and make a drawing of infinity, with this message she already tells her everything and she will surely be delighted, and all for only 6'95 euros.

2020-10-27 08:55:45

Today a girl came to me who needed a gift for her mother and I have offered to engrave a keychain with a simple Mom and a heart, with this you already send a great message to your mother and simply for a price of 4'95 euros, a detail that says a lot.

2020-10-27 08:46:15