Eulalia Genovès

Eulalia Genovès

Hello everyone, I am going to introduce myself I am Eulàlia de Matahari, in this blog, I will give you ideas for gifts and details for your birthdays, events, parties, etc.

I really like the product we have since it is very cheap and it is a product that people like a lot and remember it with great enthusiasm.

I am going to present you some ideas.

Birthday Mug

The other day, some girls came who were staying in a vacation hotel and had a friend who had been for years, they wanted to make a gift for her birthday and we advised them to make her a mug with a birthday card, designed by us and we made them buy some candies to put inside and we wrapped it with a very nice wrapping paper. Read more...

Slave Bracelets For The Partner

Today a boy came to me who wanted to give him a gift for his girlfriend to show her his infinite love. I have advised her to take a rigid forget-me-not with the shape of a heart and make a drawing of infinity, with this message she already tells her everything and she will surely be delighted, and all for only 6'95 euros. Read more...
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